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Founded in 2005 by John Oakton Commark quickly established as a premier supplier of marketing collateral and bespoke materials for multi-use. As a brokerage business a key ingredient was the creation of an effective and reliable supply chain and having a background in procurement as opposed to sales helped Commark ensure the true needs of its client are fulfilled; an approach that has resulted in excellent client satisfaction and retention.

For some clients we provide a central storage facility together with an online order portal for easy call off. This is particularly beneficial for clients who have multi sites.

As our client relationships have grown so has our product portfolio. Always listening we take an honest approach as to whether we can assist above and beyond our initial scope.

In summary clients turn to Commark to solve various day to day issues which we are told are carried out and delivered with excellence!

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'No job is too small' as the saying goes and for Commark that is extremely true!

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