Client Background

Alexandra Palace, a historic landmark and cultural hub with a storied past, holds a special place in British history as the birthplace of the BBC and a launchpad for countless iconic acts. Originally envisioned by Queen Victoria as a 'palace for the people,' this Grade II listed venue embarked on a brand refresh. Commark was entrusted with the pivotal task of providing signage solutions that not only aligned with the venue's rich heritage but also met the stringent requirements of the listed building consent.

The Challenge

The scope of the project resulted from a highly visible brand refresh for Alexandra Palace, presenting a unique challenge due to the historic significance and architectural intricacies of the Grade II listed building. Commark faced the task of creating bespoke signage solutions that not only complemented the venue's iconic architecture but also adhered to strict listed building consent standards.

Commark's Solution

Bespoke Signage Solutions:
Commark approached the project with a commitment to preserving the heritage of Alexandra Palace. Bespoke signage solutions were meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with the architectural aesthetics of the historic venue. This required a keen understanding of the building's unique character and a tailored approach to the brand refresh.
Appropriate Materials and Installation Methods:
Commark navigated the challenge of meeting listed building consent standards by carefully selecting appropriate materials and finding suitable installation methods. This involved a delicate balance between preserving the integrity of the Grade II listed structure and capturing the essence of the rebrand. Each element of the signage solution was meticulously chosen to harmonise with the historic surroundings.
Craftsmanship Excellence:
Commark assembled a team of skilled craftspeople to bring the bespoke signage solutions to life. The craftsmanship involved in the manufacturing process ensured that every detail met the exacting standards set by the iconic venue and its historical significance.


Commark's signage solution for Alexandra Palace received high commendation, reflecting the success of the project in preserving the heritage of this landmark while seamlessly integrating a modern brand refresh. The results were twofold:
  • Preservation of Heritage: The bespoke signage solutions demonstrated Commark's dedication to preserving the heritage of Alexandra Palace. The careful consideration of appropriate materials and installation methods allowed for a brand refresh that seamlessly blended with the historic architecture.
  • Brand Refresh Success: Despite the challenges posed by the Grade II listed status, Commark's innovative approach and skilled craftsmanship captured the essence of the brand refresh. The signage solutions not only met the rigorous listed building consent standards but also elevated the visual identity of Alexandra Palace, aligning it with contemporary aesthetics while respecting its storied past.
In conclusion, the collaboration between Commark and Alexandra Palace exemplifies the successful marriage of heritage preservation and brand elevation. This project underscores Commark's ability to deliver bespoke solutions that not only meet the unique challenges of historic venues but also exceed expectations, resulting in a project that was highly commended for its excellence.