Client Background:

Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL), a leisure trust operating across West Yorkshire and part of the East Midlands, underwent a transformative journey in 2017. Formerly known as Fitness Flex, the organization undertook a major rebranding initiative based on extensive market research, introducing the Your Space Brand. Commark played a pivotal role in delivering a full rebrand of existing facilities, providing signage, print, and marketing collateral to align with the new brand identity.

The Challenge:

The challenge for BPL was not only to transition from the established Fitness Flex brand but to introduce and establish the Your Space Brand seamlessly across all their facilities. The rebranding effort required careful consideration of materials, brand positioning, and effective communication of key customer-facing messages. The success of this transition would be measured not only in the timely and budget-friendly execution but also in the subsequent increase in memberships and industry recognition.

Commark's Solution:

Full Rebrand Signage Implementation:
  • Commark collaborated closely with BPL to execute a full rebrand of existing facilities, focusing on delivering impactful signage. The partnership involved working collaboratively to select materials that offered the best value while effectively communicating the essence of the Your Space Brand.
Print and Marketing Collateral:
  • In addition to signage, Commark extended its support to BPL by providing elements of print and marketing collateral. This encompassed a range of materials designed to resonate with the Your Space Brand, ensuring a consistent and compelling message across various touchpoints.
Timely and Budget-Friendly Execution:
  • Commark's commitment to delivering on time and budget was a critical factor in the success of the rebranding initiative. The efficient execution ensured a smooth transition, minimising disruptions to BPL's operations and allowing the organisation to quickly reap the benefits of the new brand.


The collaboration between Commark and Barnsley Premier Leisure resulted in a highly successful rebranding initiative:
  • Dramatic Increase in Memberships: The successful rollout of the Your Space Brand brought about a dramatic increase in memberships. The refreshed brand identity resonated with the target audience, attracting new members and retaining existing ones.
  • Prestigious Industry Recognition: The excellence of the rebranding work led to BPL receiving a prestigious UKactive award. The industry recognition underscored the impact of the Your Space Brand and the successful collaboration between the two entities.
  • Continued Partnership: Commark's ongoing collaboration with BPL and the Your Space Brand exemplifies the sustained success of the rebrand. The continued partnership reflects the trust and value that BPL places in Commark's expertise in maintaining and evolving their brand identity.
Commark's strategic approach to rebranding, encompassing signage, print, and marketing collateral, contributed to the remarkable success of Barnsley Premier Leisure's transition to the Your Space Brand. The tangible outcomes of increased memberships and industry accolades affirm the effectiveness of Commark's partnership in achieving impactful and lasting brand transformation.