Client Background:

Freedom Leisure, one of the UK's foremost not-for-profit charitable leisure and cultural trusts, operates a vast network of over 100 leisure, cultural, and entertainment venues. Seeking to enhance their print management processes, Freedom Leisure engaged Commark to deliver a tailored solution that aligned with their unique needs.

The Challenge:

Freedom Leisure required a comprehensive print management system that streamlined the ordering process, provided ongoing support for their staff, and facilitated efficient logistics for individual orders. Additionally, the need to coordinate print requirements for new facility mobilisations within a tight timeframe adds an extra layer of complexity.

Commark's Solution:

Order Portal for Print:
Commark developed a sophisticated order portal specifically designed for print management. This centralised platform enabled Freedom Leisure's staff to seamlessly order print materials, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.
Video Tutorial Support:
Recognising the importance of user-friendly tools, Commark provided a comprehensive video tutorial to guide Freedom Leisure's staff in navigating and utilising the order portal effectively. This additional support ensured a smooth transition and empowered staff members to make the most of the new system.
Monthly Campaigns:
Commark introduced a dynamic element to the print management system by facilitating new campaigns each month. This allowed individual sites to order specific items related to the ongoing campaign, providing flexibility and catering to diverse promotional needs.
Logistics Management:
Commark took on the responsibility of managing the logistics for each individual order. This included coordinating the fulfilment process and ensuring timely delivery to each site, eliminating the logistical burden for Freedom Leisure.
Stocking Member Cards and DD Mandates:
Commark went beyond traditional print management by stocking member cards and direct debit mandates. This feature allowed Freedom Leisure to purchase these items as needed, promoting cost-effectiveness and flexibility through bulk purchases and storage for call off as and when required by sites. Facility Mobilisations Support: Commark supported Freedom Leisure during facility mobilisations which need to be turned around within challenging timeframes. This involved coordinating all print requirements for the new facilities and ensuring timely delivery under pressure.


The collaboration between Freedom Leisure and Commark resulted in a transformative shift in print management efficiency. The new order portal, supported by video tutorials and monthly campaigns, allows Freedom Leisure's staff to easily navigate and utilise the system. Commark's logistics management further ensured that individual orders were processed and delivered punctually to each site. By stocking member cards and DD mandates, Freedom Leisure gained flexibility in managing these critical components of their operations. Additionally, Commark's support with facility mobilisations showcases a commitment to delivering under pressure and meeting tight deadlines. This highlights Commark's dedication to understanding the unique needs of its clients, providing tailored solutions, and supporting them in achieving operational excellence. The partnership between Commark and Freedom Leisure exemplifies the positive impact that strategic print management can have on the efficiency and effectiveness of a large-scale charitable organisation.

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