Client Background:

Rowan Fabrics, a leading provider of high-quality knitting fabrics, serves both retailers and end-users across the UK and Europe. As part of their commitment to excellence, Rowan produces a highly sought-after biannual publication containing bespoke photo shoots, knitting patterns, and translations. Given the intricate nature of this publication, efficient production with tight turnarounds is essential to meet the demands of both retailers and end-users across Europe.

The Challenge:

Producing Rowan Fabrics' biannual publication is a complex endeavour, requiring precise coordination from final design through to production and timely delivery across Europe. The publication includes a diverse range of content, making it a challenging project with tight timelines. Rowan Fabrics needed a print supplier with effective supply chain management skills and excellent communication to navigate the intricacies of this demanding publication cycle.

Commark's Solution:

Supply Chain Management Expertise:
Commark leveraged its supply chain management expertise to streamline the production process for Rowan Fabrics. This involved meticulous planning and coordination to ensure a smooth workflow from design approval to the final delivery of printed publications.
Effective Client Communication:
Commark established clear and effective communication channels with Rowan Fabrics to understand their unique requirements and specifications. This The proactive approach facilitated a collaborative environment where challenges were anticipated and addressed promptly, fostering a strong partnership.
Quick Turnaround Compensation:
Recognising the complexity of the publication and the occasional need for design adjustments, Commark demonstrated flexibility in compensating overruns with super-quick print production. This agile response ensured that the project stayed on schedule without compromising the quality of the final product.


The collaboration between Commark and Rowan Fabrics has yielded successful outcomes:
  • Timely and High-Quality Deliveries: Commark's supply chain management expertise and effective client communication ensured that the Rowan Fabrics publications were delivered on time across Europe. The timely deliveries were crucial to meeting the demands of both retailers and end-users.
  • Flexible and Adaptive Production: Commark's ability to compensate for design overruns with quick print production demonstrated adaptability and agility. This flexibility was instrumental in maintaining the project timeline without compromising the quality and integrity of the final publication.
  • Preferred Print Supplier Since 2019: Commark's commitment to excellence and successful project outcomes have solidified its position as Rowan Fabrics' preferred print supplier since 2019. This long-standing partnership is a testament to the trust and satisfaction that Rowan Fabrics places in Commark's print management capabilities.

Commark's supply chain management skills, effective client communication, and flexibility in production have played a crucial role in the success of Rowan Fabrics' biannual publication. The sustained partnership since 2019 underscores the value and reliability that Commark brings to complex and time-sensitive print projects.