Client Background:

The Spencer Academies Trust, a multi-academy trust with a strategic focus on Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, oversees a network of schools across the East Midlands. Seeking to revitalise its visual identity, the trust engaged Commark for a comprehensive signage rebrand project across 14 sites within a tight timeframe.

The Challenge:

With a diverse range of educational facilities, The Spencer Academies Trust faced the challenge of executing a cohesive signage rebrand across multiple locations. The project encompassed a variety of signage elements, including entrance signage, large format totems, wayfinding signage, and wall graphics. Additionally, the tight schedule required completion within the school summer holidays to minimise disruptions for students.

Commark's Solution:

Full Signage Rebrand Project:
  • Commark embarked on a comprehensive signage rebrand project, covering 14 sites across the East Midlands. The scope included the design and installation of entrance signage, large format totems, wayfinding signage, and wall graphics to create a cohesive visual identity across all locations.
Site Surveys and Client Approval:
  • Individual site surveys were conducted to identify suitable locations for the new branded signage. This involved detailed measurements and artwork mock-ups, providing The Spencer Academies Trust with a clear visualisation of the proposed changes. Client approval was sought at each stage to ensure alignment with the trust's vision.
Efficient Execution During Summer Break:
  • Recognising the importance of minimising disruptions, Commark efficiently executed the signage rebrand project within a short window – the school summer holidays. This strategic timing ensured that the installation process did not interfere with day-to-day operations, allowing students to return to a refreshed environment at the start of the new academic year.


The collaboration between The Spencer Academies Trust and Commark resulted in a successful signage rebrand project, yielding several positive outcomes:
  • Cohesive Visual Identity: The signage rebrand project achieved a cohesive visual identity across all 14 sites, strengthening The Spencer Academies Trust's brand presence and creating a unified experience for students, staff, and visitors.
  • Efficient Execution: Commark's commitment to efficiency and precision ensured the project's completion within the designated timeframe. The strategic execution during the school summer holidays showcased a proactive approach to minimising disruptions and prioritizing the school community's comfort.
  • Client Satisfaction: The detailed site surveys, artwork mock-ups, and client approval process contributed to a high level of client satisfaction. The collaborative approach between Commark and The Spencer Academies Trust ensured that the final result aligned seamlessly with the trust's strategic vision.